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The LifeWork Project™ For Mid-Life and Beyond

The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond is a 21 day e-course designed for those of us with a little life experience under our belt - but who are feeling unsatisfied, bored, or just tired of our life.

  • Do you feel like your life could be better?

  • Are you wondering how you ended up in this job? How you ended up in this life?

  • Are you feeling like you can't imagine doing the same thing for another 10 years - or even one more year?

  • Is there a change you have been trying - and failing - to make in your life? 

  • If you could change your life, what would that new life look like? 

In each phase of your life, it is helpful to stop and ask questions.

  • How has your life changed in the last five years?

  • What changes would you like to see in the next five?

  • What dreams still haunt you?

  • What goals do you feel you still haven't quite accomplished?

It's time to answer the questions and create a plan to change your life for the better.  

This 21 day email course is adapted from our popular LifeWork Project™ and designed for those of us in mid-life who find ourselves questioning where we have ended up in life and wondering where we go from here. 

We all say we want a life that is more meaningful. We want to live out our values. We want to de-clutter and simplify our lives.  The LifeWork™ Project helps you to clarify your values and assess how you are spending your time. What dreams do you want to focus on now? 

It's easy to keep going in the same old rut you've been in for years. The challenge is real. It's hard to make long-lasting change in your life. It's hard to take a big risk and try something new. It's hard to think about those dreams you once had - or contemplate new ideas for this new phase of life.  This is your chance to explore those ideas and create a real plan to make those dreams and ideas come alive. Your life can still surprise you!

The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond begins January 15, 2019. 


Questions?  Contact Anita to ask any questions and find out if the LifeWork Project for MId-Life and Beyond™ is right for you.

You'll never regret exploring your options.

Individual coaching with Anita is also available to take the LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond to the next level. There limited spots available for individual coaching so contact Anita now to save your spot. 


The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond e-course includes: 

  • Daily emails (Mon-Fri) with a LifeWork Discovery reading and a question of the day.

  • Weekly exercises, writing prompts and other LifeWork Discovery activities plus a fun weekend LifeWork Challenge.

  • MBTI Personality Profile (completed online at the BlueSage Online Assessment Site) plus Best Fit analysis and Career and Interest Information based on your type.

  • Completion of the LifeWork Values Matrix.

  • Creation of your personalized LifeWork Design Plan.

The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond begins October 15, 2018. 

Take it to the next level for a truly life altering project! The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond is available as a stand alone email course INCLUDING everything detailed above. You can work through it yourself, taking your time and journaling the answers to the questions.

Or you can create a truly life changing experience and include discounted individual coaching with Anita. Sign up for 2 or 4 sessions throughout the e-course or for the ultimate change, sign up for weekly coaching sessions with Anita. See below for coaching options. 

There are a limited number of spaces for individual coaching. 

Sign up now to reserve your spot. 

Here are some good words from an earlier participant in The LifeWork Project™

I really enjoyed the LifeWork Project! It enabled me to unlock bits of truth that I'd been holding captive, mostly out of fear, thereby confirming the significance of those hidden bits of self and forcing them into the light. This was a great way for me to remind myself how well I know myself and to stop denying the significance of simple pleasures and passion, which are so key to long-term sustainability and overall life satisfaction. I understand and appreciate myself better -strengths, weaknesses, energy drainers AND gainers- and all. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling stuck, bored, restless, or who has goals and some idea about what one wants to do but needs a confidence boost and a bit of confirmation, and/or is struggling to formulate a plan to forge one's dreams into reality.                                                  - Katie W., Charleston, SC

Click on each option for more information or to sign up.

Not sure if The LifeWork Project™ for Mid-Life and Beyond is right for you? You can also sign up for individual coaching with Anita without participating in the e-course. Contact Anita to find out what options can help you start making a positive change in your life. 

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
— Harriet Tubman