Anita at the St. Lawrence River

You're ready for a major change in your life.  I can help you can get there.  

I'm an incurable optimist, a believer in possibility. I'm an ideas person who brings order to chaos and who wholeheartedly believes that we can change our lives for the better.  I love to help people explore their dreams, clarify their values, figure out what they want to do and help them on their way. 

I'm a Board Certified Coach specializing in career coaching.  A little different than most life coaches, my background in clinical psychology and years of experience as a counselor gives me a rich understanding of human development and family dynamics. I like helping people figure out what makes them excited about life.

My own work history includes 13 years working with an international business company and 12 years doing individual and family counseling as well as career counseling.  This blend of counseling and business experience gives me a unique perspective on the world of work and life. 

As a coach, I work to help each person identify their strengths, get clear about what they want in life, and make a plan to succeed.  What is the next step you need to take to make your dreams happen?


On a personal note:

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First of all, I am a absolute believer in possibility. I am a wise woman and student of life on earth. (Yes... I know... but that's me.) I am a wife, happily married to the same man for 34 years. I am the mother of two adult daughters who are two of my greatest gifts. I am a daughter and sister, true friend, dreamer and lover of life and all its possibilities. I am a writer and poet wanna be. 

I’m an INFP  (I also do MBTI testing if you want to find out what you are) and Enneagram One. I am a quilt maker and textile artist. I am a half marathon runner, currently working my way back in the miles after being sidelined by injury...wish me luck!