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What is life coaching?  Why do you need a life coach?

Life coaching assists people in discovering what they really want in life and unlocking their own strengths and brilliance to achieve it. As a life coach, Anita works to empower people to generate their own answers, instead of looking outside themselves for solutions. Life coaching encourages people to re-invent their life, to create something new, to dream new dreams and move forward in a way they never have before. 

A "therapist turned life coach" 

As a "therapist turned life coach," Anita uses all her training to help each person answer the questions “What’s next for me?  How can I become my most genuine, best self?” Out of a deep belief that each person is called into joyful, fulfilling work on this earth, Anita uses creativity and visualization exercises, a wide assortment of assessments and inventories, along with deep conversation to help each person discover their gifts, talents and abilities and to find ways to live their lives authentically and creatively.

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching is not looking back into the past to try to analyze and to figure out what went wrong. Life coaching is focused on the future, not getting over the past.  Life coaching is a long-term relationship. It's a deep, healing conversation that will empower you to get on with your life and your dreams. Using a holistic model, life coaching helps you make real, long lasting changes in your life. You will discover what you really want - those long buried goals and dreams that you are now ready to make a reality. 

Anita uses strategic life coaching, a structured approach to examining your life, creating action steps and then designing a plan to move forward toward your goals.

So what are some examples of situations where life coaching can be helpful?

Lisa, a young professional mother, is struggling to balance her very demanding career with the needs of her young children. Life coaching can help her focus on her priorities, optimize time management skills and take a look at what she values to reduce the stress in her life and enjoy her time at home and at work.

Joe, an up and coming manager, has been passed over for promotion twice. Life coaching can help him explore his options, get to the heart of what’s happening and create a plan for getting that promotion - or finding a job where he is a better fit.

Sarah finds that she is running late for almost everything in her life and it is becoming an issue at work and with her family. Life coaching can help her take a deep look at her patterns, explore her personality and create new habits and routines that keep her on time and less stressed in her life and work.

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