MBTI Career Report® + Strong Interest Inventory®

MBTI Career Report® + Strong Interest Inventory®


Combine the power of the MBTI personality type with the career information in the Strong Interest Inventory® and you have a great career assessment to guide you in your career choinces. With the information obtained about yourself from your MBTI® personality type and your Strong Interest Inventory® Report, you’ll learn about how your personality, as well as your interests and preferences, can be used in your life and career to provide fulfillment and happiness. Discover occupations that work with what you like and enjoy, and learn how your personality influences your mental processes and preferences.

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You will receive the 22 page Strong Interest Inventory®/ MBTI Career Report® combined. You will take both the Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI profile. Each test takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

Both tests require an 8th grade reading level and is suitable for those 14 yrs. old and above.