Student Occupational Assessment and Report®

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Student Occupational Assessment and Report®


The Blue Sage Student Occupational Assessment and Report® (also called SOAR®) is comprised of 3 assessment components followed by a 90 minute feedback session. Each student will complete an initial “get to know you” conversation (pre-assessment interview) and 3 online assessments.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (High School) or

    MBTI Global Step II + Career for College or University students.

  • Strong Interest Inventory®

  • Career Skills and Values Questionnaire

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SOAR® (Student Occupational Assessment and Report®) is excellent for high school student in grades 10-12 and for college or university students.


How does the SOAR® process work?

After registering for SOAR®, you will be contacted by a Blue Sage Career Specialist to schedule your initial “get to know you” conversation. After this pre-assessment interview, you will be emailed linked to complete the assessments at the Blue Sage Online assessment site. Once you have completed the assessments, you will meet with your career specialist to review the results and to create an action plan for further career exploration.

Can parents be involved?

Yes. With the permission of the student, parents may receive the completed assessment report and can even be on the phone call to receive the feedback and results.

How long do we have to complete the process?

Once you complete registration for SOAR®, you have 6 months to complete the assessments and feedback session.

My university also offers the MBTI and Strong Inventories. Can I complete the assessments there?

Most universities offer the most basic level of the MBTI. For university students, I prefer to use the Global Step II which offers a more in-depth personality analysis with 20 facets. If you have completed the Strong Inventory, we can use those results and you will receive a $20 discount. Contact Anita for more information.