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Sign up by October 31, 2018 to win a free Blue Sage Career Report. Take the MBTI® assessment (not an online knockoff), discover your personality type and identify career possibilities as well as job search strategies. Winner will be selected on Halloween!

Choosing a job or changing careers can be a major life transition - one that requires careful thought, planning and work. If you are exploring new options, you will need to ask yourself 2 questions:

What do I want to do?

How do I get there from here?

The MBTI® Career Report can help you answer both of those questions. The MBTI® assessment will help you identify your personality type and understand who you are! The Career Report will help you identify your work related strengths and your preferred work environment and will outline action steps to help your personality type navigate the changes you need to make to get to the career that is right for you.

The MBTI® helps you unlock the secrets of personality type - how you process information, make decisions and interact with the world around you. Knowing your type will help you identify resume ready strengths and shape your career exploration and job search. It’s a great tool for high school or college students or anyone ready to make a change!

You will take the MBTI® on the Blue Sage Career Strategies Assessment site online and receive your profile and career report via email. Anita will be available with email support for questions and best fit analysis.

Anita is a fully certified MBTI practitioner and has over two decades of experience teaching the concepts of the Myers Briggs and working with people to unlock their full potential. The LifeWork Project™ can help you discover your strengths, make career decisions and simply understand yourself a whole lot better. Career and life coaching based on your personality type is also available through Blue Sage Career Strategies.