Are you Team Pumpkin Spice Latte or Team Apple Cider?

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October is almost over! 

Are you Team Pumpkin Spice Latte or Team Apple Cider?

Are you Team Pumpkin Spice Latte or Team Apple Cider?

What’s better than a pumpkin spice latte in October? Well, I’m not really a pumpkin spice person - I’m on Team Apple Cider, but one thing that’s even better than hot apple cider on a chilly fall evening is a morning email from a client telling me all about the new job he just landed. 

We had been working together for a couple of months, updating and polishing his resume, developing and connecting with his network, even doing some practice interviewing and BOOM! He got the job he wanted - the dream job he had dared to write down as part of his career discovery journey. He worked the career search process… and it worked! 

It’s one of the things I say to clients all the time. There are good jobs out there. But it’s going to take time and work to find them. 

It’s been a busy month here at Blue Sage Career and Life Strategies. We have some new services to help you find that dream job and even bigger plans for 2019. (Hint: Read all the way to the end for the big plans!) 

  • First up, if you’re stuck somewhere on the job search track, check out our new 30 minute Career Q&A. Maybe you’re not ready for a full career coaching package, but need to ask a seasoned career coach some specific questions. Ask just the questions you need answered - about networking, interviewing, job search sites, what works and what doesn’t. It’s an affordable 30 minute phone call that will jumpstart your career search and get you out of the job search blues.

  • If your resume needs updating and you’re just not sure where to start, Blue Sage is now offering a Resume and LinkedIn Review. Sign up and send in your latest resume (Don’t be embarrassed - I’ve seen it all!) and connect with me on Linked In. Then, we’ll get together with a 45 minute phone call to review and update both your resume and LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t know why a LinkedIn profile is important in a job search, then you really need to talk to me. 

  • And you have one day left to sign up for the October Giveaway. It's not a pumpkin spice latte but it is a free Career Report from Blue Sage. You'll take the full-length MBTI® (not an online knockoff) and receive a career report that details your personality, career options and job search strategies. Sign up here to win! 

Someone recently asked if I work with people who are not actively job hunting, but who are struggling to solve a problem at work or in life. The answer is yes! I do life coaching.

Most of you know I spent many years of my career as a individual and family therapist. I now use all my training in psychology and counseling as a life coach to help people solve problems, get un-stuck, and figure out what to do next. Life coaching is not counseling. In life coaching, the focus is not on what went wrong in the past, but how to move positively into the future. I've worked with mothers who are struggling to manage a demanding career and still feel like a good mom who gets things done at home. Another client had been passed over for promotion due to his tendency to procrastinate and the fact that he was always running late. Yet another client needed help learning to practice self care and to set boundaries with intrusive family members. In each case, we looked at patterns, habits, personality and values to create new strategies for creating balance, reducing stress and worked to solve the problems that were holding them back.

Sign up here to find out if life coaching is right for you. You can sign up for a single 90 minute problem-solving session or a series of sessions to make real changes in your life.

All coaching is done by phone or video chat so you can talk with me from literally anywhere in the world. I’ve worked with clients in Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America - so I really mean anywhere in the world. 

And last, as I mentioned, there are bigger plans out there for 2019.

Blue Sage Career and Life Strategies is growing! I will be adding new Blue Sage Coaches and Team Members in the early part of 2019. I’m still in the early planning stages, but stay tuned for new developments. The popular LifeWork Project® is being revamped and will be available as a downloadable workbook as well as a weekend workshop and who knows - maybe a webinar! It's already available in two forms - the Basic LifeWork Project and The LifeWork Project for Mid-Life and Beyond. All updates will be posted on the website.

So which team are you on? Team Pumpkin Spice Latte or Team Apple Cider? or just Team Coffee? Let me know if you want to get together for a virtual cup of something hot and chat about careers and life! 


Anita Flowers is a Board Certified career and life coach at Blue Sage Career Strategies. A little different than most life coaches, Anita’s background in clinical psychology and years of experience as a counselor gives her a rich understanding of human development and family dynamics. Her work history includes 13 years working with an international business company and 12 years doing individual and family counseling as well as career counseling. This blend of counseling and business experience gives Anita a unique perspective on the world of work and life. Anita works with people literally all over the world to help them discover a life and career they love.   Contact Anita here to get started on your new career and life!