3 Quick Tips to Jumpstart your Job Search on LinkedIn

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3 Quick tips to jumpstart your job search on linkedin

3 Quick tips to jumpstart your job search on linkedin

I have to admit I was a skeptic early on. As a counselor and career coach who’s been around a while, I understood the value of building a network to help in your job search but I wasn’t sure about the real value of an online networking site. I was so wrong!

Depending on which data you look at, between 75-90% of all recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates. I’ve worked with clients who have found jobs or made connections that helped them find jobs through LinkedIn. I myself been contacted by recruiters with job possibilities and even landed a job interview. Yeah, I have to say it’s worth it! But it does take some time and a little work on your part to make those job connections and possibilities happen. Here are 3 quick tips to get you started.

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First, complete your basic profile. LinkedIn makes it easy for you with a meter that lets you know what percentage you have completed. The more complete your profile, the more likely recruiters are to find it so make sure you fill out every section as fully as possible. Choose a great professional photo that’s not too formal. If you’re not sure what to wear, check out photos of others in your field. Have a new photo taken if necessary. Write a headline that showcases your speciality or best skills. Write a great summary of yourself - take 2-3 paragraphs if you need it or use bullet points to highlight your skill set. Don’t just copy your resume - but use it as a starting point to build a dynamic headline and summary.

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Next, let recruiters know you are open to new jobs. Click on the tab that says ME and then View Profile. Scroll down to your dashboard and click ON under Career Interests to “let recruiters know you’re open.” This information is hidden from your current company but let’s recruiters know you are open to new job possibilities.

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Third, spend some time on LinkedIn. Connect with people you know and send them a message to let them know that you’re open to new job possibilities. Share articles in your field. You don’t have to write them (although you can write your own using the LinkedIn “Write an article” button). Just find an interesting professional article and share it with a comment of your own. Comment on the articles or posts others have shared. Join groups and make connections. It’s a social network - so make some friends! Keep your profile alive and engaged. You can start by connecting with me!


Anita Flowers is a Board Certified career and life coach at Blue Sage Career Strategies. A little different than most life coaches, Her background in clinical psychology and years of experience as a counselor gives her a rich understanding of human development and family dynamics. Her work history includes 13 years working with an international business company and 12 years doing individual and family counseling as well as career counseling. This blend of counseling and business experience gives Anita a unique perspective on the world of work and life. Anita works with people literally all over the world to help them discover a life and career they love.       Contact Anita here to get started on your new career and life!